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A New Approach to Managing Side Effects of Cancer Treatment

Cancierge is Oklahoma City's resource for integrating lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements into cancer care.

While your oncologist assembles a program to aggressively attack the tumors with cancer drugs, we help you create a plan for what to do at home. We know that managing various side effects of cancer treatment is half the battle in surviving cancer. Through individual consultations, as well as educating about your therapies, we help you build a set of tools to take care of your physical and emotional health, as well as your quality of life.

Teaching you how to care for yourself in a way that promotes your resilience is the role Cancierge plays in providing integrative cancer care in Oklahoma City.

Managing Cancer Treatment Side Effects With Cancierge

Two of the most common cancer treatments include chemotherapy and radiation. Most cancer patients have preconceived ideas as to how chemotherapy or radiation will impact them—from hair loss to fatigue. However, different chemotherapies manifest different side effects in different people.

At Cancierge, we believe the side effects of both chemotherapy and radiation can be managed very effectively with the help of a personalized plan. Many of these side effects can be alleviated or minimized by learning specific techniques. We create a regimen that best treats the side effects that tend to occur with that particular treatment, minimizing the initial impact as well as the residual effects.