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Because we lived through cancer, too.

We're Your Cancer Coach in Oklahoma City

Cancierge offers a unique, powerful support program for cancer patients in the form of a cancer coach. A cancer coach is a mentor who can guide and support you during your cancer journey.

Through our Cancierge guide sessions with Janet McLain, we help you maintain a positive attitude, which is key to fighting cancer. These sessions allow our patients to voice fears, ask questions and be encouraged. Janet helps patients remember that they are taking chemo and radiation to live, and to keep living through them. These two treatments are not the enemy.

When you’re able to make peace with the treatment journey, you can focus on caring for yourself and enjoying all of the amazingly good things you have right now.

Personalized Guidance For Dealing With Emotions and Living a New Lifestyle

A lot of powerful emotions arise in response to a diagnosis of cancer.

What if those emotions included feelings of hope for healing, determination to understand your body’s needs for creating well-being, and inspiration to live a more meaningful life?

Dealing with a serious disease can be an opportunity to heal and improve your life in ways you never knew you wanted. A cancer coach helps you find the feelings of hope and inspiration, and make choices that support your whole self from that place of positivity.

Many big questions arise, too, such as: "How will I tell my friends and family?" or "What will it be like to need their help?" or "How am I supposed to get anything done in my regular life when I’m running around to appointments all the time?"

Living with cancer is going to ask a lot of you, not just physically. It inevitably shifts your relationships and your day-to-day lifestyle. A cancer coach helps you identify the most efficient way of coordinating your time and activities, and of allowing others to support you.

Cancierge’s cancer guide and mentor Janet McLain works with these challenges with each of our patients. She answers questions, provides reassurance as well as gives motivation to press on despite what can be a daunting path. This is a one-of-a-kind, individualize cancer support program. Janet takes our patients under her wings and inspires hope each step of the way.

Because She's Been Through the Cancer Journey, Too

Cancer treatment is a lot like a marathon. There will be times when you just want to give up, but also want to cross that finish line with every fiber of your being. Our cancer mentor Janet McLain has been through it all. Her joy in this work is supporting you on the journey that happens outside medical treatment. In your sessions with her, you’ll have the opportunity to express everything that’s going on inside and to begin making sense of it all. With the many hats (and wigs) she has worn, Janet has developed insights to help guide you through the steps to take that focus on what you can do.

A Unique Synergy of Services for Fighting Cancer

In addition, Janet understands how all of the cancer support services offered by Cancierge create a synergistic effect to impact the overall outcome.

This 1-on-1 cancer support program is unlike anything else offered in Oklahoma, and is truly on the cutting edge nationally. You don’t have to do this alone or without answers to your big questions. The patients who work with Janet call her “friend,” “encourager,” and “motivator;” we call her our Cancierge Guide.