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Customer service and support was outstanding! You can tell that these ladies really care about the customers they serve. The concern and care come across loud and clear with every word they speak.

Diana B

Beyond grateful for this shop! Gave me so much hope, and confidence back. I don't have cancer, so I was so nervous and intrepid to go in, because my hair loss didn't seem as important as a cancer diagnosis. But they cared about me just as much! They found me the most perfect wig and ensured that I was 100% happy with it and the education was invaluable. They have sold me on wigs and have a customer for life!

Amy Z

Hi there, my mom, Betty, came in today to find a wig to compensate for her hair loss due to cancer treatments. I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you for getting her in today and making her feel beautiful again. She is so happy and my best friend got her light back today. I just wanted to say Thank you. You were kind, caring and patient. Exactly what she needed. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Traci B.

Janet & Jill, Thank you so much for your help & guidance in finding/fitting me with the absolutely beautiful, perfect topper. It's been about 5 weeks now & I've worn it every day! It has definitely made a difference in my outlook & confidence...a positive-improved difference!! Thanks again!!

Tammy P.

Thank you for all you do to inspire "beauty" in others. Diana felt beautiful in her "hair" and received many compliments that gave her confidence to face each day. She wore it when she stepped out into the world, as she always dressed her best. Prayers for you as you continue your mission.

Anna T.

Janet and Jill are superstars. Seriously. We will forever be grateful for these two amazing women. We brought my grandmother here after she began losing all her hair due to her chemo treatments. We had been to a few other “wig shops” around the city and if anything those places left my grandmother feeling even more disheartened. Luckily we found Cancierge... they truly went above and beyond to take care of my grandma and make her feel confident. They were so kind and supportive and compassionate and just absolutely exceedingly helpful. They made sure my grandma got exactly what she wanted/needed to feel good in such a scary, unsure time. The prices were fair, the quality of the wig, hat, and head scarves that she got was wonderful, and the service I could go on and on about how perfect it was. These ladies deserve all the praise and cookies and Nobel peace prizes!

Ashley W.

Amazing service. Could not have been a sweeter person that knew the perfect wig and color for my mom. First one we tried on! Thank you so much! Perfect day!

Emma G.

It was a wonderful experience!! Jill made me feel so comfortable and made my wig buying fun! Thank you, Jill. I will be back and tell my friends.

Cheryl S.

You made a hard thing to do, pleasant for my friend and helped me to be able to pay for it upfront. Thank you! God bless you and your company.

A Friend

As we go through October, I have reflected on so many people that I met the past year. I am so grateful I met you. thank you for sharing your love, passion and time to help so many people along their journey. You are a blessing!


Highly recommended!!! This is the best shopping experience we have ever had. The owner was so personable, caring and actually we loved the very first wig she showed us. 5 stars for sure!

Misty F.

Janet is incredible. She made me feel so comfortable and accepted during what could have been a very traumatizing experience. Everything about Cancierge is professional, private and tailored to exactly what you want. Janet took the time to find the exact wig that was perfect for me. I would give her 6 stars if I could. This is the only place I will go from now on!

Phoebe M.

This place is amazing. I have purchased 4 wigs there and the service is excellent. The owner is so caring and wonderful. Love Love Love this place.....I highly recommend this shop for anyone who needs a wig.

Janelle M.

I recently started losing my hair due to treatment. My daughter found this location online. I was a little apprehensive due one rating on google. But when my daughter booked my appointment the lady was so nice I wanted to give it a try. I am so glad I did. They were so patient and kind. With the help of my entourage and these fine ladies I was able to find the perfect wig. I also left there with additional knowledge on how to take care of my scalp and the remaining hair on my head. I am definitely going back. Besides the wigs they also carry hats and a beautiful array of head coverings. And even if you aren't losing hair due to treatment and just want a change I would recommend them too.

Sue L.

This place is the best! I don't know what the poor review on google is saying because Janet and Jill are the best! They made my mom feel comfortable and it was probably the most fun she has had since she was diagnosed with Cancer. If you are looking for somewhere to make your loved one feel good in their own skin or if you have any questions about chemo and what it does to your hair and skin, they can answer it for you. I know I will be definitely tell every one about them! Thanks ladies!!!

Annie L.

Thoughtful and caring women who give specialized knowledge and services with the human touch needed by those facing cancer. They have many products; wigs, hats, scarves are just the beginning. The kindness and ability to relate to their clients and what they are experiencing are the real elements needed by those on this journey. It is a very unique and much appreciated place in OKC!!

Sharon K.

Janet and Jill took so much extra care helping my 90+ year old mom with her wig. They even special ordered a wig for her, steamed it into a special part for her, and trimmed it to mom's specifications. Thank you! You all are the absolute best!

Barbara C.

These ladies are awesome Godly caring loving women, that care about you and walk the journey with you.


These ladies are wonderful. They gently walk you through, no pressure to buy, very kind & always encouraging. They turned a difficult experience into a good one. Thank you!

Renee H.

It was so easy to get in to make an appointment, have my head shaved, and buy my wigs and coverings. I felt very comfortable and at home with both wigs specialists. Thank you so much!

June R.

Truly an amazing experience! A gift from God!


Thank you Janet and Jill for your compassion and care during this difficult process. From helping my mom in the hospital, to your patience with finding the right wig, you have both have been wonderful! Thank you for everything.


I thought it was a great experience. Family and friends have so many compliments on my new hair. I really like my new look and I am so thankful for your ministry.

Sally L.

This is the greatest place to go if you are considering wigs, toppers, etc. They are so patient, so knowledgeable, and so compassionate. The experience was so uplifting! Lastly, the quality of their hair pieces are the best.

Tina H.

So helpful and made me feel very confident that I can still look good once my chemo starts.

Kathy J.

There are several things you will never forget about your cancer journey. Your date of diagnosis. Telling your kids. And the day you first felt “free.” You would expect the “feel free” day to be when your doctor declares you cured or in remission. But my first “feel free” day was the day I spoke with Janet McLain. You know those people who were born to encourage others? Who help you realize you are strong and brave and that maybe your struggles in life are designed for some good purpose? Well, you do now. So much of dealing with cancer is coping with it. And part of coping is, yes, one’s attitude and fortitude. But it’s also knowing what to do to manage the physical and emotional side-effects that cancer brings. Before cancer, I didn’t know there was a “best” way to shave a person’s head. I didn’t know my toothpaste ingredients mattered. And I certainly didn’t know how to put on false eyelashes (blink, blink). But Janet checked on me, counseled me, encouraged me, and helped me with the down-and-dirty of cancer. I am forever indebted to her. God bless Janet McLain.

Jandra J

On April 13th, 2014 I turned 35. On May 7th, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The anxiety, fear and, uncertainty that followed over the next few weeks was overwhelming, but then someone came into my life to help guide me through this journey. Before any of my treatment started, my husband and I decided to get away and headed to Annapolis, MD. While I was away, my OB/GYN put me in contact with Janet McLain. During my trip, I had 2 phone conversations with Janet. I will never forget her telling me, “You don’t have enough information yet,” in response to my indecisiveness about the course of my treatment. I had met with a surgeon, but had yet to meet with an oncologist. Janet made this happen. I had a lumpectomy scheduled for less than a week after I returned to town, but because of Janet’s intervention the course of my treatment changed radically. My cancer is Her2/neu positive, and late last year the FDA approved a medication that has to be given before surgery. Because of Janet, I am receiving the best care possible. Janet McLain and her business, Cancierge, has guided me through this life journey of breast cancer. She has made losing my hair and picking out a wig fun, and I have been rocking the headscarves that she sells. Janet has offered tips for tackling all the nasty side effects that chemo brings. Janet’s compassion and caring nature is real, and since she is a 7-year breast cancer survivor, she really knows what this journey is about. Janet is special and her positivity and energy is palpable. Being diagnosed with breast cancer is not ideal, however it is a journey full of life lessons. And what better teacher to have than Janet McLain?

Samantha K MS, RN

What a wonderful and peaceful place. Thank you for being so kind.

Nicole N

I had the best experience with Janet !! I have had multiple people compliment my hair (wig) the last couple of days that I've lost count! I will send anyone & everyone that I know that needs a wig to you all!!! I just can't brag enough! THANK YOU JANET, YOU'RE THE BEST!!

April F

My experience at Cancierge was perfect! Janet was so very helpful and understanding! All her advise was right on top! My first chemo treatment was easier, because she told me exactly what to expect. Thank you Janet for being such a wonderful person!

Sheryl B

Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Janet even met me on her personal time!

Lisa R

"From the moment, you hear the doctor’s very dark words, “you’ve got cancer”, it’s hard to hear, think, breathe, move forward. As a family member of someone who just heard those horrible words, you really don’t know what to say or do. The shock and devastation is overwhelming. Within a few moments of reaching out to Janet, she was a calming factor and a place we all found strength. She immediately was there providing EVERYTHING we needed. She not only helped us with tools to cope with the physical aspects of Mike’s cancer, she more importantly provided us with tools to deal with the emotional aspects of Mike’s cancer. She brought genuine laughter in a place where things are not very funny. She brought composure to a situation that is riddled with havoc. Janet is thoughtful and generous with herself. As the caregiver of someone with cancer, it can be exhausting. From baking our favorite foods, to helping us and being at long chemo treatments, to helping co-workers interact and respond, to giving advice on how to feel better, to listening, Janet was our savior. We simply could not have gone through it without her."

Patti and Rob L

I honestly could not have been made to feel more loved and beautiful than I was when I visited Cancierge. Janet was so very wonderful and really tried to make this process and transition as easy as possible for not only me, but my husband as well. There was something else Janet did that touched my heart...she called to check on me just before my first chemo and this was before she'd even met me at my appointment there, such a wonderful and loving woman. There is honestly no place I would thin of going to besides here. All the wonderul advice from a cancer survivor who truly know the ups and downs we current cancer patients are going through helps so much. Now, when my hair is shaved off...I will be fully prepared with the items I need.

Angela S