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Cancierge's Hair Loss Services

Generalized Hair Loss

  • Alopecia
  • Bald spots
  • Generalized thinning

Hair loss can occur for many medical reasons, not just cancer treatments. Cancierge provides specialty services to those with alopecia, bald spots and generalized thinning by providing lace front wigs, human hair wigs, hand-tied wigs and hair toppers. Because so many types of hair loss result in a sensitive scalp, we have many options of wigs to provide the most comfort to you. Be sure to check out our online store for wigs, accessories, and more.

Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss

Please see the tips below if you are going through cancer treatment that will cause hair loss.  

  • Find out when you are predicted to lose your hair – they are usually right.
  • Know the warning signs: Your scalp will become very tender before you lose your hair.
  • Cut your hair down to ¼ inch the week you are supposed to lose your hair. It is much less traumatic to lose short hair than large clumps of long hair. Do NOT shave your head to the scalp as it will increase your risk of infection.
  • Be ready for it by purchasing scarves, wigs, & hats beforehand. Cancierge is pleased to offer a variety of wonderful wigs, scarves and hats in our style salon. Alternatively, you can purchase these online by visiting our online wig shop.
  • Get ready mentally for this. Losing your hair can be the most feared aspect of chemotherapy but it doesn’t have to be. Nobody wants to lose their hair but as soon as you make peace with this the better you will be able to deal with it. If losing your hair is the absolute worst thing in the world you can think of then you need to explore the method of “freezing the scalp” during chemo which may preserve some of your hair. It does work but is time consuming and expensive. However, for some people it is totally worth it. Ask your physician about this option.

Tender Scalp After Hair Loss

  • At the end of you shower turn it to cool water and run it on your head.
  • Rub Vitamin E oil or soothing skin serum by Therametics onto your head. Any soothing oil will help.
  • Sleep in a soft bamboo cap.