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Our guide to managing cancer

Download our Sur-Thrive-al guide at no cost to you!

We have guided over a thousand women who have walked this path which enabled us to create what we call our “Sur-thrive-al Guide.” Knowledge is power, and knowing how to eliminate or minimize side effects of chemotherapy or immunotherapy is the goal. Download it below!

Know how to deal with side effects before they happen
Tips, tricks, and more to help with side affects and other maladies.
Authored by someone who's gone through the experience before
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Multimedia Resources

Free Video Resources Available 24-7

Check out some video content we produced to help you at any time of the day. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook page, or check this page frequently so you never miss a new video.

Wash That Wig!

Learn how to wash your synthetic wig with confidence by following this informative tutorial!

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Why I started Cancierge

Cancierge is here to help women with compassion & attention by providing hope & inspiration through their journey, and here is our story!

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Wig 101

Everything you need to know about getting your first wig!

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