Written by
Janet McLain
April 20, 2020 3:58 PM

To blog or not to blog...the question I have been asking to myself for what seems like a century.

As the founder of Cancierge, a thirteen year breast cancer survivor, mother of two crazy wonderful boys, and the wife of a pretty amazing guy, my mission is to help as many women diagnosed with cancer to thrive...not survive...through cancer. What is the reason? The reason is simple. It is because I have been there.

My 14th cancer-versary will be June 5th. It does not seem like fourteen years since the fateful cancer truck hit me going 100 miles an hour. I use the word fateful as it can mean devastating or momentous and pivotal. My cancer diagnosis was both. It was devastating because I was a 41 year old mother with 5 and 12 year old boys. It was devastating as the triple negative prognosis was not ideal. It was devastating because I was overwhelmed with decisions, unanswered questions, and noone to talk to who had walked the path ahead of me. It was momentous and pivotal because my passion for helping others starting their healing journey had just been sparked. Little did I know that this was the beginning of a lifelong devotion to educate, support, and encourage women.

Because of my personal odyssey with cancer, I am passionate about guiding others through their journey. With the varied hats (and wigs!) I have worn, I have developed many insights I would like to share with others living through cancer. My greatest wish is to instill positivity and hope! Stay tuned over the next months as I share this wisdom, the humorous stories, and the helpful tips  that I have culminated from my own journey as well as the journeys of the 1000+ women who have joined us at Cancierge.

Because I have been there,

Janet McLain