Virtual Consultation
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Virtual Consultation

$ 35.00 USD

Do you live in an area that has limited resources when it comes to purchasing a wig? Are you driving hours to find a decent salon? Have you returned multiple wigs that you have ordered online only to find the color or cut is not what you expected?‍ If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a virtual consultation is for you! Check below to see what to expect from a virtual consultation.

Step 1: Reaching out...

To begin your virtual consultation:

Purchase a consultation online. Make sure to include your call back information as we will be reaching out to you within 24 hours.

Step 2: When we call...

We will request the following from you:

A photo of yourself with your biological hair which captures your hair goals and will help us determine the best options for us to present to you.

Information to help us best determine what wig(s) will be the best option for you based on your hair goals, lifestyle and needs.

Schedule virtual consultation #1 time and answer any questions.

Step 3: Virtual Consultation #1

Discuss hair loss type and alternative hair goals.

Determine which fiber and cap construction will be best based on lifestyle.

Measure circumference of head.

Present wig styles and custom colors.

Arrange for products to be sent to you (typically 1-3 styles, care products, and necessary accessories).

Schedule virtual consultation #2 directly after your products arrive.

Step 4: Virtual Consultation #2

Review products & try on together.

Make a selection that best suits you.

Walk through how to make the product look most natural.

Review care products and care regimen.

Review how to use accessories.

Discuss if and what will be returned and our returns process.

-There is a $25 return/restocking fee for products being sent back.

-All products that are being returned must be received within 10 business days or it will not be valid for return. Products not received within 10 days will be charged to your credit card.

Step 5: The Follow Up

We will reach out approximately 2 weeks after our virtual consultation #2 to see if you have any questions or concerns and to review care instructions again.