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Cancer Treatment Support Resources


A New Approach to Managing Cancer Treatment Side Effects

Cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy and radiation, can be debilitating. Your body is not only fighting the disease, but the side effects created by the drugs used to restore your health. As fellow cancer survivors, we have each experienced cancer treatment and know the impact it can have on our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being. That is why we have developed a variety of services focused on managing and minimizing the side effects of cancer treatment. 

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Cancierge offers help for cancer patients at our Edmond, OK location:

Cancer treatment management: Lifestyle and self-care plans designed to minimize the side effects of cancer treatment. Address underlying issues that may have led to the development of this disease, rebuild your entire system, and get on the path to preventing reoccurrence. We’ll talk about what exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle choices are best for your specific case.

Cancer coach: Support, encouragement and guidance for navigating the emotional and spiritual gamut inherent to living through cancer treatment. This is time to have someone listen, to get coaching on how to keep a positive perspective and to get practical tips on how to manage it all.

Nutritional supplements: A personally-designed nutrition and supplement regimen that helps you feel calmer and strengthens your body – now and for the future. Balance your blood sugar, manage your weight, and heal imbalances that may have allowed cancer to grow in the first place.

Oklahoma City’s premier wig salon for medical patients:
We have many wigs of different and unique styles and colors. Find the perfect wig for your personality and look, and stay within your budget. Our amazing wig sytlist Courtney will tailor your wig to the perfect shape for you. We also have scarves and hats. We’ll help you choose which options to wear and give you tips on how to wear them. Get customized input from a professional experienced in working with medical hair loss.

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If you are experiencing side effects from any of the following or specific conditions, please click on the topic, and you will find insights and more information that may prove beneficial. Preventing chemotherapy and radiation side effects is key. If you wait until you have side effects, they are much harder to reverse.

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