Nutritional Supplements for Cancer Patients in Oklahoma City

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Nutritional Supplements for Cancer Patients in Oklahoma City


Managing Cancer Treatment Side Effects with Nutritional Supplements

Cancer treatments, especially chemotherapy and radiation, can be debilitating. Your body is not only fighting the disease, but the side effects from drugs used to kill the tumor.  Without support, it can take longer than necessary to restore your health. Dr. Laura will develop a plan specifically for your body, your type of cancer, and the treatment plan your oncologist has devised.

Nutritional supplement plans for cancer patients, by cancer survivors

We have good news for those facing chemotherapy and radiation. Side effects can be reduced significantly by a tailored nutritional program. As a cancer survivor, Laura Miles, MD has experienced what a patient goes through during treatment. That’s why she created a program based on a nutritional supplementation regimen that can effectively minimize the side effects of cancer treatment. 

The side effects Dr. Laura has found to be most manageable using nutritional supplements include:

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Mouth sores
  • Fatigue
  • Decrease in blood cell count

Dr. Laura used this regiment herself during her fight against cancer. With it, she was able to fully complete her treatment while also continuing to work as a physician. She didn’t have to succumb to the side effects of the cancer treatment. Now cancer-free, she is offering personalized consultation to other cancer patients so they can preserve as much health as possible and recover more quickly.

A word of caution about dietary supplements and vitamins for cancer patients

As an experienced medical doctor, Dr. Miles also understands that not all cancers are equal, and that each supplement plan must be individualized in order to work most efficiently. In fact, we recommend that patients don’t “experiment” blindly with supplements. Vitamins, dietary supplements and natural remedies could interact with chemotherapy drugs through in a variety of ways, resulting in wasted time and wasted money.

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