Courtney Fuller - Cancer Wig Stylist of Oklahoma City

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Courtney Fuller - Cancer Wig Stylist of Oklahoma City


Courtney Fuller, Wig Consultant and Stylist

Courtney Fuller realized in high school as she began to explore career possibilities that she wanted to help women look and feel their best.  That is why, when approached about a career in cosmetology, something clicked and she knew where she would find her place. 

Today, she is an experienced stylist in Oklahoma City who still has the goal she started out with – to help women of all ages and from all walks of life feel beautiful.  However, Courtney is doing that in a little bit different setting than what she first imagined – the Cancierge Salon.  As a member of the Cancierge team and Salon Stylist, Courtney lends her expertise when it comes to preparing for hair loss, choosing the right style and color of wigs, hats and scarves, shaping the wig to maximize each woman’s unique features and ensuring a perfect fit for comfort.

Courtney helps women who are anticipating hair loss with a compassion that exceeds her age and speaks to her family experience with cancer.  “My grandma and Aunt Laura have both gone through cancer so I know how that can affect a woman’s appearance and perspective,” she explains.  “Whether it’s helping them shave their head or find the right wig, I want to help women on this part of the journey and add some joy amidst loss.”