Living with Cancer: Nutrition, Coaching and Wigs in Oklahoma City

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Living with Cancer: Nutrition, Coaching and Wigs in Oklahoma City


We'll Help You Thrive While Living with Cancer

Cancierge of Edmond offers services to help Oklahoma City cancer patients manage the physical, emotional and logistical challenges accompanying cancer treatment.

With our guidance, you can:

  • Manage painful or uncomfortable side-effects of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Receive the unique emotional support of others who have been through cancer treatment, too
  • Find the perfect wig to wear while you are experiencing hair loss
  • Create the optimal health lifestyle through specialized diet, exercise and nutrition for cancer patients
  • Get answers people who haven’t gone through the experience can’t give you.

Everything we do is designed to ease your burden so you have the strength, power and positivity to fight the disease head-on. 

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Oklahoma City's Premier Wig Salon

We offer wigs of various unique styles and colors to reflect each woman’s personality – at every price point. You can customize the cut of your wig with wig styling services or select from our many hats and scarves. We’ll help you choose which options to wear and give you tips on how to wear them. We work with women experiencing hair loss due to any medical reason. This is one of the few places to get caring, personalized advice from a professional experienced in working with medical hair loss.